Finally chose my Betty

  1. Hi All!
    I decided to keep the large black patent one!!! I wasn't too thrilled with the color of the small dark red one. So that one is going back to Neiman Marcus.
    Here are some pictures!!! Thanks for everybody's input.
    Betty1.jpg Betty2.jpg
  2. It looks stunning, congrats! I love the patent leather in bettys - it looks very classic in black, I'm sure you're going to love that bag for years:girlsigh:
  3. it looks amazing on you!!! gorgeous!
  4. Congrats!!! I'm so glad that you got the bag!!! I love her!!!
  5. Congrats! It's sooo pretty:love:
  6. Thanks everybody for your kind words!!! You guys are the best!!!:yes:
  7. Congrats ... it's beautiful choice! The black patent leather will be a classic and I read that patent leather will still be in for spring and summer.
  8. Congratulations. That is a great looking bag and it looks great on you. I have the chocolate patent and I love it. Great buy girl, enjoy it.
  9. I love the black patent! i was going to get one of those myself! i am so into patent right now!
  10. Gorgeous bag! Love it in patent! Congrats!
  11. GREAT choice! I love how unique looking that bag is. And it's so sexy in the black patent. Enjoy it and wear it in good health!:heart:
  12. Its a fab bag - enjoy
  13. I fell in love with this bag after seeing it on Carmen Electra. Good decision!
  14. Love it! Looks fabulous on you! Enjoy in good health!
  15. Looks like it suits you perfectly, and such a great bag. Congrats on your betty!