Finally!! Chanel Vintage Black Jumbo Classic Flap...

  1. :heart:Thanks to Monica and the gals at the "authenticate this chanel" thread for always putting up with my questions and posts about eBay bags :girlsigh:

    So I finally found the one I wanted, the right size, color, condition and very importantly PRICE too!!!

    They had been going up higher and higher in price lately, so I started worrying I would never find one again thats in good condition for under 1000 USD shipped.

    Well, I guess patience and constant checking on eBay pays off!!!

    Here is the one I just bought this morning!:love:





    It should arrive next week since the seller uses USPS express mail international, so she said 3-5 days :yahoo:

    Will post modeling pics once it arrives!!!
  2. Yay,congratulations. I got a lambskin vintage Jumbo XL from Japan last month and I just gasped in admiration when I opened the box. You will too!!!:yahoo::nuts::love:
  3. OMG!this is a gorgeous-gorgeous bag:nuts:!Congrats!Is is purple?
  4. Congrats!
  5. congrats yayyy :yahoo:
    i have the caviar jumbo and personally i like the vintage classic more than the recent classic.
  6. gerry, chanelspell, voodoo awww thanks girls!!!

    and its actually black--i think different lighting of the pics makes it look darker/lighter in color...
  7. it's fabulous no matter !on the first pic it comes like black/silver and on the next like purple/black !I love that shine!:love:
  8. Oh, I'm so envious, I so want one of these but life keeps getting in my way!
    And I'm looking to be in the same price range too!
    Enjoy your new beauty!:yes:
  9. Thats a great bag! Congratulations!
  10. WHAT A FANTASTIC DEAL!!! I've seen some vintage flaps in pretty bad condition go for that price. :nogood: Love yours!
  11. Absolutely love it!!! Congrats!
  12. Oh Cory, it is gorgeous, congratulations!!! :yahoo: Looks like it is in great condition and a great price too :tup: I would also never pay more than a $1000 myself. And you've got the right size, I think the normal size Jumbo will be perfect for you, can't wait to see your modeling pics! :heart:

    P.S. I haven't been online for the past 5 hours or so and I've just read your PM, sorry about that :shame:
  13. OMG - gorgeous!!!!!!!! :nuts: :love:
  14. wow, its stunning! congrats!
  15. congrats! :heart: classic flaps.