Finally- Chanel Meet and Greet...

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  1. in NYC!! I really want to make this one great for everyone!
    The last attempt failed, but it brought alot of ideas to work with. So here goes:

    Chanel Meet and Greet NYC
    June 20th -June 21st

    June 20th
    1:00 Meet at Chanel 57th Street for Trunk Show
    7:00 Dinner (and drinks,of course) at ??? TBA.

    June 21st
    12:00 Meet at Bergorf Goodman 57th and 5th for
    walking/shopping down 5th Avenue with other
    enablers...Lunch TBA.

    Please let me know what you think and if you will be able to attend. This will determine where we can eat.
    I can also organize out of towners so you can all stay in one hotel. Just let me know. I can't wait...
  2. yay! as long as it is in NYC, both days are fine by me..this will be fun! thanks ADA726! :tup:
  3. dang! i'll be in NYC June 30.

    Have fun girls!
  4. I'll keep you posted miss alice! Sorry blushing baby, we'll miss you. Anyone else? Come on ladies...
  5. Ada, can we arrange for another one in august?
  6. melove- i would love to do another in august. i'll keep you posted.

    Ok ladies-now that the weekend is over I hope some more of you will respond for June...
  7. Lucky for those who live in NYC! How I wish I'm in NYC too! :sad:
  8. Im goin to check my schedule for either or both days...
  9. Can just anyone come? I only have one chanel...:girlsigh: I'm not sure I count!
  10. ^LOL! OF COURSE!
    U dont even have to own Chanel to come.....just like it enough to want to go to trunk show and meet up with fab PFers?!
  11. im so excited, can everyone please ck their calendar? haahaa..the more the merrier! if we do plan to meet for lunch, i probably can only do 1 hr, but if everyone is going to meet for drinks, i will def stop by for a martini, or two! :graucho:
  12. This sounds nice...I'm not sure on the dates (my son schedule is pretty busy!) We will definitely In NY (out on the island) ~ 4th of july. :heart::heart::heart: The Chanel trunk shows in the city.

    Ada can I be a maybe?
  13. I will be in CA that week. :crybaby: I like traveling for business... sometimes.
  14. Boo!
    I'll be in Vegas
  15. Wish I could make it - what fun it would be!!!!:yahoo:

    I miss NY - a few years back I made about 3 trips a year....over the last couple of years none.:sad:

    Maybe in the future.......