Finally Caribbean in Paris !!! BI Mid A Pics !!!

  1. Finally my Blue India Mid Afternoon arrives here !!!

    First I would like to thanks 2 lovely pfers !!!

    Thank you Citychris:tender: for posting this great thread on Gretta Luxe and helping Roo:love: my bag fairy to have it !!!

    It's my first Mid A, and def. this bag has great advantages :
    1 It's gorgeous :love: !!!
    2 The Leather is TDF:graucho:
    3 It has very practical divided compartments inside:wtf:
    4 Fits on the shoulder :yes:
    5 Perfectly match with my Cat eyes:p

    Check the pics Ladies !!!

    And let me know your comments...
    IMO, The Mid A could be a good alternative to our regreted The Purse:graucho:
    Mid Afternoon Blue India FW06.jpg Mid Afternoon Blue India FW06 1.jpg Mid Afternoon Blue India FW06 3.jpg Mid Afternoon Blue India FW06 4.jpg Mid Afternoon Blue India FW06 5.jpg
  2. OMG !!!! this bag is absolutely fantastic bleu india is one of my most favourite colours ever! and let me just say your cat looks so cute with your new bag she seems to be very happy she will have another bag to play with hihi j/k ..:yes: congratulations !
  3. OMG :nuts: !!!!!!!!!!!! WOW . . . what a GORGEOUS bag :yahoo: !! CONGRATS 'P' fromparis :flowers: . . . I'm so happy for you :tender: - you absolutely deserve it :love: !!
    This Mid Afternoon style looks really great . . . yes, I agree - it's a good alternative to our 'regreted' the Purse ;) :yes:

    Citychris and Roo . . . you really are two sweethearts :heart: , it's so nice of you to help - ohh I appreciate the friendship with 'our' PF-ladies !!
  4. What a gorgeous bag. Congrats Fromparis!
  5. CONGRATS :flowers: . . . I'm so happy for you :love: !!
  6. That is just an absolutely beautiful color. I'm also starting to like the mid-afternoon which is NOT good for my bank account. Hope you enjoy your bag in good health.:smile:
  7. Your bag is SO SO SO beautiful!!
  8. P its sUPPPPERR HOT!! im loving the afternoon style.. and of course you and roo know i loved the blue india when i saw it with u guys.. SUPER HOT!!!
  9. I'm so glad you love the bag! I was really quite taken with it when I saw it -- that style in that color is just so pretty.

    Now that you list out the advantages, it makes me want to go try on a mid-afternon again.

    You're kitty is beautiful as well, the bag and cat complement one another nicely.:yes:
  10. it's beautiful! congrats!
  11. Congratulations! I love the Mid-Afternoon and that colour is gorgeous:yahoo:
  12. WOW!!!!! STUNNING bag 'P'!!! It looks so AWESOME on you!!! I just love that it matches your cats beautiful eyes!!!!!! OMG!:love:
  13. Congratulations.
  14. :heart: Aww your kitty is GORGEOUS!!:heart: and the MA is obviously as beautiful as I thought it would be...CONGRATS!!:love:
  15. cute!!!