Finally came home with that Vernis

  1. I finally decided on this Rosewood bag in Pomme. It's been mine for more than I week, but I held off from picking it up thinking the Amarante might be better for me. Well, it wasn't, for now. I still like the color, but I wasn't feeling it so no Amarante Reade PM either. My SA actually demonstrated the whole fingerprint issue with me, but never say never! In the meantime, here's my new bag!!!:tender::tender::tender:


    And a couple of pochettes. Sorry for the poor lighting.
  2. Nice choices-congrats!
  3. Awesome,congrat's.
  4. i saw this bag at my boutique yesterday. so roomy and pretty! congratulations. i want it in amarante.
  5. that pomme piece looks juicy!
  6. Wow! Love it!Congrats!:tup:
  7. congrats!
  8. so adorable!! congrats! :yes:
  9. I think this bag is cute. Saw it at the boutique a few days ago and was impressed. I love the little snap-on button on the side.
  10. Looks great!! Congrats!!
  11. O:huh:o ... that's the bag I want, but in Amarante. I know people have mentioned fingerprint issues, but I don't care ... I love the colour too much! Nice buy! The Pomme colour is beautiful as well.
  12. Congrats! I love the pomme color!
  13. Thanks all! I think a bigger Amarante bag might be better for me.;)
  14. Lovely choice, I think the pomme is such an amazing color! Congrats and be sure to enjoy it!
  15. Very cool! Love the pomme. Congrats!