Finally!!! Brown Vitello Shine tote modeling shots

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  1. Sorry these are of poor quality. DH is at gym so had to take them really quick before he got home. :P

    Pardon the horrible backyard mess too. We are doing some building and there's dirt everywhere.


    There, Bagladee!!!!!! I actually took photos, see?? :graucho::biggrin:



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  2. Looks I want it even more!!
  3. Ok...I am BACK from Salt Lake City!

    I really LOVE this bag now! I am REALLY and I mean REALLY loving on my list....
  4. yay for pics!!! :yahoo:

    OMG!!! the combination of the color and the distressed leather is GORG!

    congrats A!
  5. Still loving it....looks great on you A! Ugh....what is a girl to do with all these bags and options!

    Is it great to "throw" stuff in like I thought? LOVE it....
  6. Another beauty A. Can't keep up w/ all the new postings here lately!!!
  7. Beautiful! Thanks for the pics! I agree with is hard to keep up! :lol:
  8. A - I love your new bag!!!!! The color is so gorgeous and the leather on that bag will just keep getting better and better. Awesome bag for those of us with kids and every body else too. So what is next on your list????
  9. Thanks y'all!!!

    ryry - I think it's a GREAT throw bag. The exterior zipper is perfect for my cell and keys and it's easy to get in and out of since there's no zipper closure. I can just throw something in or get a snack out for DS in a jiffy. I have a feeling the leather will break in nicely as if it already isn't soft. :smile: It would be perfect for your business trips too on the plane.

    btw - Norma has this in a deep deep blue too. Sooo pretty. I had a hard time deciding betw the two, seriously. I ultimately picked the brown since I needed another brown bag and I have a few navy blue bags as it is. No black though except online.

    It has brass feet on the bottom too which I think is a nice bonus.

    What's next on my list??!! HA!!!!!!!!!!!!! No bags anymore. I would LOVE that black soft calf bag that you have Bagladee but not going to do it. I need to check my head. I'll probably get something small but no bags. I need to start enjoying the bags I've already purchased. I still can't get enough of my red hobo! Love.
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    Last edited: Jul 18, 2009
    A - was the blue really, really deep navy? i saw the vit shine hobo on RN in sapphire, but the lighting didn't show the blue too much... it looked almost like black... so i was concerned that it may look weird when i wear black clothes (due to the color is between black and blue). sometimes i can't handle colors that are neither here nor there... if you know what i mean??! perhaps the color is actually lighter irl...??

    but i really love the style though -- thanks to your modeling pics!!! gosh you're such a bad influence, lol! the style and the leather reminded me of Balenciaga Day ;)

    here is the link:
  11. Gorgeous! I'm really liking the vitello shine, but I just can't make up my mind which style to get.
  12. Yes, I'm a big fan of the vit shine as you can tell. ;) PP really enjoys hers too and so does Bagladee.

    chic - As far as the blue shade, I would say it's pretty deep honestly. When I saw it irl at my Saks, I knew the bag wasn't black but I thought that it was perhaps the lighting. When I picked it up, I knew it was blue. If you're looking for a true navy blue, this isn't the shade. This bag was really a dark blue. You'll think your eyes are playing tricks on you when you look at the shade. You'll immediately think it's black but then think something is "off" about the color if that makes any sense. That's when you'll realize it's blue. In the sun, it'll be a definite deep navy blue though.

    Ok, that was a stupid explanation. You get my point.
  13. oh A!!!!!! you look amazing!!! and so does your bag!!!

  14. beautiful bag. I'm growing my love for prada. YOu guys are such great enablers
  15. :nuts: Wow! That is ONE sexy bag! It looks so rich and lush, like a big piece of good chocolate.

    Congrats on a beauty! :yahoo: