Finally broke my ban...just ordered these Louboutins from NAP!

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  1. Those are gorgeous - I was just on the site a bit ago and noticed the new styles. I'm trying to keep my credit cards in my wallet:smile:

  2. CONGRATULATIONS - You will absolutely love them! Those simple pumps were one of the first pairs of Louboutins I bought. I have worn them to death, and in the process acquired quite a few more pairs of CLs. :angel: The leather on mine stretched after wearing them a few times -- they really mold to your feet.
  3. They are lovely!! congrats!
  4. oh i love these!! they are sold out in my size though, boo
  5. Congrats!! I love those shoes. Too bad they sold out in my size too :crybaby:
  6. Thanks everyone! I can't believe how quickly NAP ships. I ordered these on Wednesday and they arrived Thursday! They are gorgeous and fit like a glove! I highly recommend them to anyone who needs a timeless black pump.
  7. ooooh can we see piccies of you wearing them.

    All the new CL styles are selling out at NAP really quickly, so you did really well to get this gorge pair. Congratulations :smile:
  8. ^^ Beautiful shoes, I love them. Congrats. =)
  9. They are lovely!
  10. theyre beautiful!
  11. Beautiful shoes! I have them too and love them!
  12. That was quick service!
    Congrats they are gorgeous!
  13. They're lovely!
  14. They are the perfect black pump! Congratulations.