Finally Brand SpAnKiN' new to me anymore!


Aug 31, 2006
Thank you All! I love this forum and was trying to chat with you all when my computer told me "Forbidden you do not have access to this site on your server" I was like WHAT the F%$#! I thought I had been kicked out! So~ I have had work out problems w/ DSL verizon for 2 hours...then had to install/reinstall programs. STILL would not let me on TPF. I then had to take my computer to the Geek squad to be fixed. It is Virus's! So~ I then tried to use my old computer~ it is too old and won't run on dsl. Now I have a borrowed computer from my DH's work....What Drama...
I was upset as this is one of the things I enjoy.

Thank you so much! all of you! You are the Best!:yes:
P.s. special thanks to she kept in contact with me via/ ebay and e-mail...;)

Awww, I didn't see this! I'm flattered! I'm glad that I could help (at least, I tried!) :shame: