Finally Brand SpAnKiN' new to me anymore!

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  1. I need to first say thank you to all who voted on the 2 damier pieces I was looking to purchase. It was between the Ribera and Speedy 25.
    I decided to use Cyber Monday for the 8% off ELUXURY and Free shipping. She came today!
    I have NEVER bought a New LV Bag before! Ever! First Time! Quite honestly...never thought I would...but the bag I wanted next was selling for the same price on secondary market...So Brand Spankin' New!:yahoo: for me!
    My DH bought this for me for my Early Birthyday~:love:
    My DH says it is his favorite! (he NEVER talks about my bags) So...she must be special!:heart:
    Sorry she is a little wrinkley from the trip here...:shame:

    Attached Files:

  2. Congrats!! :yahoo: You will love her! I use my damier speedy so much!
  3. Yay for you! :yahoo: Beautiful speedy. I have this in the size 30 and I use it nearly every single day. So happy you got to get a brand new bag. You got that really fast from e-luxury. It's so pretty, wear it in good health!
  4. She's gorgeous, I love mine! Congrats!
  5. WOOO! Beautiful. Lucky you :smile: Enjoy it
  6. Very, Very nice Ghost... I love Damier.. Congrats to you and Enjoy..:flowers:
  7. Great choice! Wear her in the best of health!:flowers:
  8. ANOTHER Speedy! :nuts: Congrats!
  9. wooohooooo :yahoo: :yahoo: Congrats!!! Happy Birthday!!!

    Never said never for LV..anything can happen..Love the bag, wear in good happy for you !
  10. Congrats! She's so pretty! Hubby also likes damier, maybe it's a guy thing! Haha! Happy birthday to you! :flowers:

  11. ELUX~ warehouse is 2.75 hours from here...Hey maybe we should all take a trip down there and ask for a tour:devil: ...and maybe paroove a little Ha!

    amamxrVery, Very nice Ghost... I love Damier.. Congrats to you and Enjoy..:flowers:Today 09:23 PM
    Thank you!:shame:
    bagsnbagswooohooooo :yahoo: :yahoo: Congrats!!! Happy Birthday!!!

    Never said never for LV..anything can happen..Love the bag, wear in good happy for you !
    Thank you~ you are right! Ha!:nuts:

    Thank you ALL! Merry Christmas to all and all a good night! (sorry had a chevy chase moment)! Love that movie....:s
  12. Congrats! Happy Birthday! :flowers::flowers:
  13. Wow....good choice!!

    Congrats :flowers:
  14. Yeah Congrats!! It's a beautiful bag!
  15. Happy Birthday and congrats on your brand new damier speedy.:flowers: