Finally Bought My First Prada !


Dec 10, 2011
Hi Prada bag lovers,

After looking at sooooo many bags, finally decided to buy my first Prada... with the insistence of my very kind hubby.

It's a new arrival and I bought it at Westfield Sydney. The lady who served us was soooo nice. If you happen to drop by Prada Westfield, look for her... name is Grace Mok and she is the Department Manager.

This one is a BN2693 and it's $1780. I was surprised because I was thinking that it would be more than $2000.

It only came in a dust bag and Grace said that only the Saffianos come in a bag. However, she packaged it well. She put a plastic over the paper bag because it was pouring outside at that time.

I hope I won't regret buying this ...


Aug 10, 2009
Congrats! I'm also considering buying that. However, I am not familiarized with the codes. Is this the Danio leather? Do you know if they have only one size? I went to my local Prada today to check them out but they are poorly stocked and do not have all the models that I saw online at BG, NM etc.
Did you compare this with the Calfskin one? Are the similar? My local boutique only had the calfskin on stock but I need the bag to be more heavy duty.
Sorry for all the questions.
Great bag!


May 27, 2009
Congrats on your first prada purchase, and the start of many many more to come!