FINALLY - Bonita will be here from Mexico on Feb 5

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  1. My husband has to go to Mexico for a month every year. While there, he becomes obssessed with all the homeless dogs they have there. He spends alot of time on the streets giving them food, love, toys, etc.

    This past year (aug 2008) while there, there was this one particular dog that was extremely scared, dirty, hair matted up, etc. EVERY DAY he and a few other locals would try to feed her and pet her but she would be too scared to come near them. they tried everything to catch her, including the vet there putting a sleeping pill in the food so they could "save" her. NOTHING WORKED and because my husband had to come home, he had several who promised they would continue daily to capture her.

    That day finally arrived in Dec. She has now been seeing the vet for her shots, the lady that captured her has other dogs she has taken in so she has put her with them so she could become accustomed to being around friends. She now has become very playful with everyone and sleeps with her new friends.

    On Feb 4 my husband is driving 10 hours to the border of MExiCo to pick her up. We have already named her BONITA, a name that has special meaning for him, and she will have two sisters waiting for her here. Our shiz tu already sleeps with us so now we will have this one also sleeping there.

    I cant wait to post pics of our new little girl.
  2. I am so happy for you. Such exciting news. I know several dogs who have been rescued from Mexico and they appreciate it so much.

    I actually support the Peanut Pet Shelter in Playa del Carmen. What they have to deal with on a daily basis is unreal to me. They are so full of love and patience and do amazing things with the minimal resources that they have.

    Please post pictures of your new addition when she arrives.
  3. :crybaby:that's such a wonderful story, I can't wait to see the pics when she finally arrives.
  4. That's so sweet! Your husband seems like such a great, loving man. Kudos to you and your family for taking Bonita in. :smile:
  5. Congrats to your new addition! Can't wait to see pictures! :smile:
  6. Your husband is such an angel! I wish more people were like him, and there'll be less animals suffering on the streets.
  7. What an AMAZING story!

    Seriously you and your husband rock!!
  8. What a touching story. Im excited for the photos! She sounds wonderful.
  9. That is such a wonderful story. That is so neat about your husband helping the strays like that. We definitely need more people like that-that's for sure. I can't wait to see Bonita!