Finally, Blue India in Day style

  1. Well after getting off to a rough start by being sent what we all think was a Cornflower City (vs. Blue India) by an unknowledgeable SA at one store (the store I returned it to said they thought it was Blueberry... so who knows what actual color it was), a more knowledgeable SA at another store has come through for me. Here is the Blue India Day just as I expected it to look. The color is a beautiful Carribean Ocean color and the leather is amazing. The pics are nearly true to what it looks like IRL (except perhaps IRL it has a bit more tealy green & gray in it & is just a pinch darker).

    Blue India Day front.jpg Blue India Day back.jpg
  2. that's soooooooooooo beautiful... congrats on getting the bag you wanted :smile:
  3. I love the colour:heart: :heart: :heart:
  4. it looks so good in that color!!
  5. Congrats Goldensx, i am glad you finally found the right one.:heart:
  6. Congrats Golden! It looks beautiful.

    I just got my Blue India city bag and mine looks darker than yours. I'll post pics of mine in a bit.
  7. that is so pretty! im glad you got what you wanted. congrats!
  8. WOW Goldensx..... just GORGEOUS :drool: :yahoo: !!! CONGRATS to this beautiful day in Blue India :flowers: - I L:heart: VE this color :love: !
    Thank you for posting your pics !
  9. OMG it's sooooo beautiful!!!! Caribbean blue is exactly how I'd describe my BI too! Isn't the color divine???
  10. its gorgeous...congrats....enjoy your new bag....girl...
  11. Oh this bag is gorgeous. Now I want a day instead of a city. where did you get yours? I'm calling my sa at bal ny today to see if they have any but this is the bag. congrats!
  12. I saw this at my local boutique today. Would have bought it if not for the fact I already own a BI Twiggy. It is a gorgeous colour in a gorgeous style! Congratulations!
  13. I love the Day in blue india. So pretty! Congrats on your beautiful new bag!!
  14. Congratulations!!! The blue india in the Day style is beauuutiful!!! :love:
  15. GORGEOUS!! It is beautiful. My Mom got hers and didn't like it because it was too turquoise. She thought it would be blue gray. I told her it looked turquoise to me, she wouldn't listen. :P I love the color, I'm just not a blue bag girl.