Finally! Black flat messenger!

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  1. Last year in Paris, I bought the flat messenger in Sandstone, which I love but also regretted not getting one in black. They are tough to find in the states, but thanks to a wonderful tPF'er, my coveted black flat messenger arrived on Friday!
    The leather is gorgeous, and this style of bag is great for those on-you-feet, need-both-hands-free kinds of days.

  2. Looks fantastic on you pseub!:tup: I had a Blue Glacier flat messenger and thought the straps were a little too short to wear across the body but yours looks fine:confused1: I wonder if the 08 straps are longer? Congrats and enjoy her, she's lovely!
  3. Thanks! I'm pretty short, so maybe that explains the difference. Both of my bags are 07's.
  4. love the messengers! it always looks effortlessly fashionable and gotta love the hands-free style!
  5. Congrats! This is one style I've always been tempted by. It would be nice to have a bag that you could wear cross body when you're out and about and want your hands free. And I would totally get it in black. Congrats ... it looks great on you!
  6. It looks great on you!!! Do you mind if I ask how tall you are? I am getting a flat messenger soon & I am worry that the strap is too short for me.
  7. Looks great on you!!! Love it!
  8. Congrats, she looks gorgeous on you!!!

  9. Congrats!!! It's an style that I never consider and looks really gorgeous :tup:
  10. omg, did they really finally make the strap longer? Can someone compare? I need to know!!!!!
  11. Thanks, HappyAngel! I'm 5'2".

    Hellosunshine, moonstarr, bunkie, lovely64, Lasmico - thank you all for your nice comments!
  12. GORGEOUS!!! One of my favorite styles! It's such a cool, casual bag and so comfortable to carry. Love it.:heart: I can't believe that BNY didn't even get this style and it was a brand new style. Weird!
  13. the original version was 36 inches at the longest setting - could you please tell us how long is yours at the longest setting?

    And is there room to punch one or two more holes to make it longer?

    Thanks in advance!
  14. Yes, it's 36" at longest setting. There's definitely room to add another hole or two and get another 2-4" of length on the strap.
  15. I am starting to really love this style, too!!! I am only 4'11" though. I wonder if it is too big. Anyway, thanks for the post! You look FABULOUS!!!