finally..Black Chain Pouchette from MJ SF store + my MJ family

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  1. :yahoo: with the help of Maggie and bag.lover, I got the chain pouchette in Black from Joann @ MJ San Fran store, it shipped with MJ box and so well packed....


    I also got the Black Bowler at Nordstrom for more than half off with the help of Maggie :graucho:
    The Mouse Stam Hobo was from at 40% off with the help of Parnia :wlae:

    Never pay full price :yahoo: thanks again for all the deals !
    PIC00009.JPeG PIC00014.JPeG
  2. Absolutely gorgeous!! Love your MJ family. And everyone who knows me knows I love good deals. You done good!:yes:
  3. I love your MJ family!! Everyone is so cute, and they look so happy together! Way to go on your deals!!
  4. Congratulations!! All your bags are beautiful :smile:
  5. WOW!!!!!!!! :nuts:

    GREAT deals on gorgeous bags!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  6. congrats! all awesome bags!
  7. so cute,congrats on your MJ Family
  8. Beautiful! Congrats!
  9. What a beautiful MJ family!!!
  10. Very nice collection! Congrats on your new bag!
  11. Thanks for sharing pics, chain pouchette is my favorite.
    How do you like it so far? The leather is so luxurious. :smile:

  12. The more I see that bag the more I love it..It looks great on you!! Love your MJ family as well...Congrats!!!
  13. thanks everyone for the compliments :smile:, every now and then i still click on the photo and look at them, they just look so happily together :roflmfao:

    The Stam Hobo's leather is very good, it's been through rain and snow the past few months and still looks brand new....

    bag.lover, i haven't get a chance to use the chain pouchette yet, but i really love the leather lining, it is a very well made bag, cheers!!
  14. omg i looooove the muse hobo....i can't believe you got it at 40% off! congrats on all of your MJs!
  15. Loving the boots. Is it Dior?