FINALLY...better pics of Blue India

  1. For all the Blue India lovers, or those who are thinking about Blue India out there, I was (AT LAST) able to get some outdoor pics today without a flash. I think these capture the color of the blue much better than my previous pics. It is overcast today, so the pics should be really accurate. Here you go. First two are in natural light, the handheld pic is more in shadow. I also included one of the indoor pics so you can see the different in bright light. Sorry to bombard you with Blue India pics, but my earlier ones just did not do the color justice! :shame:
    BI outside 1.jpg BI Outside 2.jpg BI Outside held resized.jpg Blue India pair.jpg
  2. Wow, do you treat your bags with something? The leather looks so think and gorgeous!!! Thanks for the pics!
  3. Beautiful! :yes: What year are they from? The leather is luscious!
  4. tiramisu, I have not treated the bag with anything. I was lucky enough to have BalenciagaLove pick out a gorgeous bag for me!

    debsmith, they are from the AW06 collection. I sent the Part-Time back because the size did not work for me, and kept the City. :smile:
  5. Thanks for the great pics. of your gorgeous bag. BalenciagaLove did a great job picking it out for you. I also have a BI city and I think you captured the color well.
  6. I also have a blue India but mine has much more green it. I will try to take some pics to capture the color variation when it is not pouring rain. (comes with living in Seattle!)
  7. Gorgeous.... both of them! :yahoo: I still can't figure out why Blue India was so eagerly anticipated, then not that popular. I personally think it the prettiest blue Balnciaga ever made. It is like the water in Cancun. SO beautiful. I am still sad that I let my Mom returns hers. I should have bought it from her. She had a spectacular City. :crybaby:
  8. Thank you for posting these!!!! It really helps to know the real color, there's so many varieties of it floating around out there!
  9. Lovely bag,
    I want some india blue 2

    greats FX
  10. [sigh] I can't get enough of this color and stop by frequently to gaze at tPFer's pictures of BI! And I own a BI City!! I truly, truly think this is one of the best colors Balenciaga has ever produced. It has a changeling quality to it -- aqua one minute, teal the next, then blue-gray. It's a blue chameleon!

    And the leather quality of your bag is totally sweet. CONGRATS!!!! (thanks for sharing the pics!!)
  11. Your bag is so photogenic! It's truly lovely and I agree blue india is one of the prettiest colors yet. Enjoy!
  12. :P Wow! Those are absolutely beautiful, the leather and the color!!! Thanks so much for sharing!
  13. Wonderful leather on your baby and the color is beautiful.
  14. Et your bag is gorgeous love the color !
  15. Beautiful color. How is the leather?