Finally!! Bay Area Nordies/macys Have Tutti!!

  1. RUN LADIES RUNNNN!! i just picked up a SUPER cute dolce! pics later, running to stoneridge right now!!
  2. Where did you get the dolce? :confused1:
  3. TokiliciousJenY, I saw a dolce Tutti at the Macy in Valley Fair. They also have in diferent styles too, still a good selection...better hurry. Inside the Valley Fair Mall (JUST GOT, I saw Tutti in Nordstorm, MetroPark, and Macy. :tup:
  4. Thanks Petals! :tup:

  5. oops sorry that must've been confusing...i just got back from SF and i picked up the dolce there. Also, Nordies in stoneridge called me to let me know they had tutti in. be warned though, the selection there isnt great. macy's is a tad bit better. for the best selection, go to macys in SF :]
  6. Oh bummer so macy's stoneridge doesn't have it yet? :confused1:
  7. Jen- I called this morning and the SA told me they didn't have it yet ... YET! How frustrating! :smile:
  8. Oh!! Did they have Tutti Ciaos?!

  9. I saw Tutti ciao ciao in the Valley Fair Macy.
  10. Although these malls are more ghetto, Macy's at Southland Mall and Newport Mall also have tokidoki bags. I saw some in Tutti there today. Also some in Adios Star, Pirata, Famiglia, and L'Amore.
  11. I SAAW TUTTI IN PERSON!!! :yahoo::yahoo:I was at stoneridge tonight...Macy's & Nordies both have tutti! :yahoo: Neither had too much but Macy's had more than Nordies did. There were absolutely no accessories, no denaros or bracelets but Macy's had 2 zuccas, 1 gioco, a ton of stellinas, 1 ciao ciao, 1 campeggio, 3 bambinones and I think 3 BV's. Nordies had 1 dolce, 1 gioco, 1 bv, 1 campeggio and I think that was it.
  12. did you get anything?!

    seriously though, for the best selection, i suggest Macys in SF...when i was there i saw 2 ciao ciaos, 1 campeggio, 1 avventura (man it was HUGE.), lots of BVs, TONS of stellinas, 4 portas (i shoulda just picked one up if i knew stoneridge didnt have any), 1 zucca, 1 or 2 giocos, 4 or so dolces, some canguros, and a few bambinones. Nordies in SF is ok too, they had mostly BVs and giocos , a campeggio (?), 1 avventura, and 2 or 3 dolces. I'm just REALLY excited right now cuz i got the most PERFECT dolce EVER!!!!! mozzarella and latte perfectly centered, and ipod girl, a cactus kid, and the storm cloud on the other side! yaaaaaay!!
    DSCN0959.JPG DSCN0960.JPG
  13. Momo - you've got such a perfect dolce, congrats :yahoo::drool:
  14. Cute Dolce Momo! Congratz.
  15. momo.chan, that Dolce placement is amazing!!! I love that style, and I USED to be a small bag girl until all you huge-bag-totin' women corrupted me! Now my Bambinone is the smallest I can get myself into, LOL. :p