Finally arrived .....

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  1. My orange prada bow clutch arrived , love it love it. Can't believe that it is from NY that is the first place i called but the SA didn't really care, anyway thanks Frank from Florida found for me and thanks the PF member suggest him for me. I think the bow clutch shape is nicer than the new prada strip flat zip one.

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  2. Love your bow clutch! I have one in purple, from NY as well...ENJOY!!
  3. LaLa... OMG.. I want! Do you mind if I asked how much? Do you know if they have more? I love the orange the best! I think you picked a great color... but I'm biased because that's my fave.... Congrats!!!
  4. Wow how wonderful! Lovely colour too
  5. I love your orange! I have the black -- I adore this bag!!
  6. Is 850 with 20 dollars shipping !
  7. :heart: the orange! congrats!
  8. so so cute! :heart:
  9. LaLa.. did you order from Prada boutique? you have the style #? this is the purse-clutch with the detachable shoulder/messenger strap, right? i am soooo jealous!:drool:
  10. gorgeous:tup:
  11. LOvely bag, enjoy.
  12. Adorable!love!
  13. Congratulations
  14. ..big fan of it!! Congrats!!
  15. Absolutely gorgeous! What a beautiful color combination. Congratulation!