Finally Antony Pics.

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  1. Congratulations Cat! Lovely bag suits you really good!
  2. Congrats Cat...looks great, ps do u find that the antony is really light to carry?
  3. Thanks for your lovely comments ladies!

    Yeah, it makes a really nice change to have a light bag. Even with it full to the brim its still easy to wear. :wlae:
  4. Hope you are getting plenty of use from your antony,it looks great on you. Am I right that you also like Chloe bags Cat?
  5. Did my signiture give me away?:P Yep they are my two favourite brands, both have lovely leather! :drool: Are you a fan too?
  6. Yes, I have a Heloise(it's actually my favourite bag!)
  7. Oh the Heloise is lovley, and its been made in some fab colours. I've noticed that Members of the Chole and Mulberry forums tend to cross over, I think its becasue of the amazing quality of both (I wonder if Mulberry or Chloe would employ me? ;)!
  8. What a dream job it would be..the only problem would be choosing between the two brands
  9. It really suits you :tup:

    Looks great with your top too !!
  10. Cat - you look wonderful!!! Lovely bag and it suits you perfectly!
  11. Looks fab on you, Cat - very good size and a beautiful brown colour. Well done! I'm sure you are going to love it, I use mine all the time!