Finally Antony Pics.

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I've had my Antony a week now :tup:. Got it from the SM outlet last saturday and have worn it loads already-its really saving my sholder which has been aching from carrying my Bays.

    Its Mocha and the leather is sooo soft and smooth. What do u think?



    p.s. No idea what my hair is doing :nogood: but it is a Sunday after all :P
  2. GORGEOUS :yahoo:suits you x
  3. It looks great, really casual but cool :tup:

    Dont worry about the hair, like you said, it is sun! You should see the state of mine right now :wtf::nuts:
  4. Looks fab on you and a great neutral colour. Antony's are so easy to sling on!
  5. Lovely colour, looks great on you :yes:
  6. Thanks Ladies. I was looking for a casual Mulberry and think i've found it with this one. At least untill a Phoebe turns up :graucho:
  7. Bag looks really good!

    Can't see much wrong with hair either.
  8. Looks real good on you!:tup:
  9. looks really good on you Cat !
  10. looks great! just the right size for you.
  11. Agree with the others Cat - looks fab :tup:
  12. Cat it looks absolutely fabulous on you hun

    (p.s you should see my hair on a Sunday)
  13. Gorgeous and it looks fab on you Cat. Great choice (and you should see MY hair --- eeekkk :wtf:)
  14. Congratulations Cat! :tup:
  15. Beautiful Anthony, really nice colour/leather!