Finally, Antik Cervo Cacao Flat Hobo!!!

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  1. I've been looking for something in cacao in so long! This color and leather is so TDF...probably the most amazing leather in a bag i've ever seen or felt. I love it so much that if another style pops up in the cacao, I'd probably snag it ASAP! :nuts: Just wanted to share since I know I didn't find any pictures on here when I was hunting it down...

    Here are some pics!


  2. Absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations!:woohoo:
  3. Wow....gorgeous!!! Love the beautiful deep brown! I :heart: Prada leather!!!
  4. thanks stormy and luvh! now that i think of it, this is my first prada! never realized how amazing the leather was before this purchase!
  5. Holy sh*t!! NOW THAT is PRADA!!!!! Good girl!!..Where did you find this beauty!? I want one too!! Sweet!! Post more pics and include a modeling...sweet sweet sweet..this made my day!!
  6. hahaha, thanks emmy! you're so sweet! i've been stalking *bay every day for months now hoping for something in cacao but haven't seen anything until this beauty showed up. the 10 day wait for the auction end was torture!!!

    here are more pics! sorry the modeling pic is so blurry...i'm in my PJs and i'm terrible at keeping my hand steady esp this late at night :P



  7. gorgeous bag! i love this colour for this range :tup: is this available in the stores? i want one too!:drool: any model number?

    would you mind sharing the price and the dimensions pls? is there also a zip closure for this or is it a snap button closure?
  8. ^^ I know I feel the same way!!! This is a keeper!!! Yeah post more info I want one too lol!!!
  9. haha i doubt anyone can resist this bag!
  10. i think the cacao antik cervo collection was released way back in fall of 2006, but i know a few tpfers who recently found a few leftover in boutiques (and even on sale) since they weren't extremely popular until ashley tisdale was seen with her cacao tote recently. i wasn't able to hunt down any, so i was just stalking *bay. here's a link to the hobo when it was still on price for hobo was originally $1490, then on sale for $745. i know, i was really kicking myself for not catching it on sale in 07. dimensions are 16 4/5"H x 16 2/5"W. it's a snap-button closure. the shoulder strap is also extendable. model number is BR3728.

    and here's a pic of ashley tisdale and her tote

  11. congrats! The leather on that beauty is THE BEST!!
  12. Gorgeous!!! I am so jealous!!!!
  13. Congrats on your first PRADA! That is a great first purchase!!!
  14. Beautiful bag enjoy!!!
  15. Oooooh, I think you've inspired me! I have this bag, but have not been wearing it. Got it on *bay in Jan.08. The leather on mine doesn't look like it's in anywhere near as good condition as yours, and the sealant is cracking along the top edge. But it looks great on you! Is the bag you bought brand new? It looks beautiful. I think I must get mine out and wear it again.

    Lovely purchase. This was my first Prada and got me hooked (although I can't really afford to buy much so I only have two).