finally... anthracite twiggy pics!

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  1. Sorry for the delay, but here she is. These are indoor pictures (the second one was taken next to a window). But that's the best "natural daylight" shot I could get since it's been really icky weather here. You can see in the first one (away from the window), she's got some deep blue undertones. But right next to the window she's more steely grey. I couldn't be happier with the versatility. The leather is also very wrinkly and distressed, but uniform in color. She doesn't have any white, marbly veins at all, although I think the photos maybe make it look like she does... don't know why it photographed that way. Daphne definitely picked me a beauty! :yahoo:


  2. your twiggy looks great! i like the contrast of color versus the material in the background.
  3. i love your anthracite...congrats! :yahoo:i'm still debating between a city or a twiggy in this color. :shrugs:
  4. Congrats on the great twiggy bag!
  5. You've got a beauty. Congrats! I just love anthracite.
  6. This is such a great colour. And what a score on the leather- Congrats:yahoo: !!!
  7. OMG. i want one now. congrats on your beautiful twiggy.
  8. OMG, your Twiggy is goooorgeous!!!!! Congrats on such a divine bag. The leather looks TDF!
    I'm getting my Anthracity in a few weeks, I can't wait for mine to arrive!
  9. Totally fab. I love this color in Twiggy. If I could rationalize two anthracite bags that's the one I'd add! Congratulations!
  10. The leather is TDF!! :drool:
  11. :drool:Beautiful Bbag!! I love the chameleon colours of Balenciaga!!
    Congrats and enjoy!!:yahoo:
  12. wow- I love it! Now I'm second guessing my anthracite city - it looks so great in the twiggy, and if your leather is anything like mine, it just falls into a nice puddle. I love the twiggy when it's like that!
  13. So pretty!:love: Love it! Congrats, Dmf!:yes:
  14. Thanks, everybody. I think I did luck out. I keep playing with it, because it's so squishy. I think I'm in love.[​IMG]
  15. Very scumptious with lots of character... seriously nice leather