1. I've been drooling over Anna Corrina butterscotch bags and though it's not the hobo, I finally ordered the Mini City and I USED THE TOUTIE 20% OFF CODE AND IT WORKED!! Can't wait till it arrives!
  2. Congrats! Beautiful bag, I am thinking of buying one myself. This site is really dangerous. I had never heard of Anna Corinna until coming here. :yes:
  3. Congrats! Those bags are really beautiful! I'm thinking of getting one too. They are very urban styles, I love them!
  4. YES! This is the one bag of theirs I really excited to hear it's coming back!:yahoo:
  5. YAAAYYY CGsprings :smile: im so excited that you found a butterscotch one you like YAAY! :smile:
  6. Bessie I am thrilled!!!! It is not the hobo but it is the color and has inside and outside pockets! I HOPE I love it. Did you see my posting that they are bringing the hobo back out again due to popular demand??? It's available on bagshop for pre-order but not in butterscotch. The cognac (I think but you get the idea) is pretty though. You never know, now that I have my butterscotch, I might have to go for it!! Thank you for all your help!!
  7. YAAY!! !:smile: can you attach pictures asap when yoou get it! :smile:

    so the drawstring one is the one they are bringing back? how much are they charging-is the cognac prettY?! :smile:
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  9. ooo the tobacco is nice :smile: ! and i wonder what the grey looks like!!

    cant wait to see pics :smile: if you can of course!
  10. i love llove love the tobacco color of it, but its sO $ i mean i guess i must have gotten it at a really good buy i bought mine like 1 1/2 years ago on le train bleu for $275 i think,,,, something like that
    but now to spend more then $100 more for it hurts haha

    but it is really nice!!!