Finally ! And almost on time !

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  1. So after being jealous of all my fellow PF-ers for-evah, here she is, damier azur 25 ! I was so excited when I got the call - I'm sure security has a very funny video of me dancing around the store. :yahoo::yahoo:

    So without further adieu..


    It was my birthday yesterday.. so I'm really glad that it came just a day late. :graucho:

    And of course.. my collection -

    Hope you all enjoyed ! :heart:

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  2. Nice, congrats, and happy birthday :nuts:
  3. She is a beauty!!! Enjoy!!!!
  4. Congrats on your new azur. She is beautiful. Happy belated birthday to you.
  5. Congrats!!!:yahoo:
  7. congrats and a happy birthday to ya!
  8. Congrats, such a lovely bag!
    Oh, and happy birthday as well! :balloon: :drinkup:
  9. lol, Congrats ayla and Happy Belated Bday! I want to see the LV security video of our own mod dancing around! hahaha
  10. The Azur is soo adorable! I'm glad you finally got it! ;D


    Edited to State: I followed your link to your collection and I couldn't help but notice your poster on the wall from the movie "BEST IN SHOW"! You know the Shih Tzu in the movie is Roman's (my Shih Tzu) brother! Just got a little excited to see that movie poster!:lol:
  11. Congrats Ayla- it's the perfect bag for summer!
  12. Congrats! Just wanted to say...your birthday is the same as mine! :nuts: LOL...happy belated birthday!
  13. Congratulations on a beauty! Happy Birthday!
  14. OMG that's awesome ! How old are you ? I just turned the BIG .. 2-4. :nogood::nogood:

    Did you get anything good for your birthday.. Vuitton related ? :graucho::graucho:
  15. I turned 23!!! :yes:

    Actually I did want to get something Vuitton related...I was planning to buy a wallet, but I got laid off the day before! :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby: I was so disappointed because I haven't bought any LV in 2 I guess I'll have to wait.

    But, I think it's cool that we share the same b-day and we're almost the same age. LOL!