Finally.... An Oak Blenheim is mine!

  1. after about 3 months of searching, i've finally managed to get an oak blenheim which fell within my budget. :yahoo: it's been used a few times but still smells like new and looks lovely. can't wait to use it.

    :heart: thanks goes to jazzyjay for authenticating all those blenheims including this one (twice in fact, was sold by first buyer) and also to chaz for offering to help me get one from the outlets but unfortunately they were out of oak blenheims by the time i decided to get one. anyway i think i got a good deal for this one. :smile:
    Blenheim resized.jpg
  2. Congrats Trevor. I love my little chocolate Blenheim on the days when I don't need to carry much, and I'm looking for ones in some other shades. Don't like the purple one on eBay at the moment though, purple definitely not my fave colour.
  3. Congratulations! It's always so great to finally track down a bag that you've been lusting after. Well done, hope you enjoy it.
  4. Well done!
  5. Followed your struggle, so happy you´ve got one! It looks lovely!:tup:
  6. Yay!!! Congratulations!!! And they still don't have any at the outlets so you did the right thing to keep looking!!!!
  7. congrats, it looks fab:tup:
    Where did you take the picture, looks quite tropical?
  8. thank you everyone, guess my persistence paid off here. i am very happy with my bag. in fact the blenheim was the bag that started my love affair with mulberry, so all the more i should own one right? hehe...:biggrin: i still remember when i first saw it in bicester sometime last year when i was working in the uk for a few months. never really paid much attention to mulberry bags previously, even though i've heard of the brand before. oh well how things have changed haha...

    audrey - the picture was taken on the balcony of my room. i live in singapore so it's mainly hot and sunny all year round.
  9. must be lovely to have a balcony and live in the sunshine and to have the bag you've been searching for 3 months for. Perfection.
  10. beautiful little bag
  11. Beautiful bag !! Congrats!!
  12. :yahoo:Well done ! Wish Mulberry still made this gorgeous bag. I think it was called the baby Roxanne.
  13. Congratulations, its a fantastic bag, you will love it!! :tup:

    I really wish they still made it too, I would love one in apple :heart:
  14. Yay for you Trevor :yahoo: Very cute lilttle bag. Enjoy using her, you deserve it after such dedication hunting her down :tup:
  15. I want that one!

    Will fight you for it. Or pinky wrestle you...:bagslap: