Finally, an Agenda I'm Happy with! (Pics>>)

  1. Sooo, I went back to LV today, to exchange the azur small agenda for an epi. The SA (NOT my usual one) started laughing when I showed her the chip, (previously posted a picture, people told me to return) and said that she "cracks up" at us "people who bring back things that are perfectly fine, because you think something is wrong with it. I tell people, a stitch has to end SOMEWHERE.." and she went on about glue, and all types of stuff. To be honest, if it weren't for the usual SA I go to, I would definitely not shop in that store. Nasty customer service.

    Anyway, after my long rant, I bought the small agenda in the last epi myrtille they had in the store. =) It's attached along with 2 things I got for Christmas. I've never shared a purchase on here before! Hope the attachments work!
    DSC00619.JPG DSC00621.JPG
  2. love it:heart: congrats dear
  3. Thank you!

    I just noticed the bad lighting in the picture :shame: Maybe it's because I was under it while taking the picture lol.
  4. pretty! i love the color!
  5. Well that was rude. You would hope that after putting down a considerable amount of money they would give you quality and good service. After all, you're willing to pay a lot more money for a quality planner, or else you'd buy a Day Planner from Staples!
  6. Congrats!!!
  7. I'm glad you're happy with your new agenda! I just don't understand why people are rude to customers like that. It doesn't make sense! Sorry you had to put up with her, but your new agenda is TDF! Congrats!
  8. All of your stuff is so cute! Love that agenda, love that groom, and really love that saleya. What rotten things for that SA to say! I can't imagine somebody acting like that in an upscale store. Well, you got the last word, didn't you? Because in the end you got a beautiful agenda. Congratulations!
  9. ITA.:yes: Congrats on your new Epi:love:
  10. Exactly! Thats why I'm pretty sure if it wasn't for my SA, I'd never buy from there. I had seen the same woman there yesterday and she didn't want to help me. :yucky: I think because I'm young, and am told I look younger than I am, they think I'm not going to make a purchase. Oh well. I love the agenda. :heart:
  11. That sucks that the SA was so rude!! For the money, it DEFINATELY needs to be perfect. It looks GORGEOUS, congrats!
  12. the SA didn't pay for your agenda right? you have every right to take it back if you are not 100% happy with it no matter how small the problem is. and the SA has no right to "make fun of" you. that SA was just pure rude.

    having said that, congrats on finding one you love. enjoy!
  13. OOH YOU GOT a Saleya?!? nicee!!! congrats!
  14. congrates and well done on changing the faulting agenda. no way will i use glue to mend a brand new agenda especially at that price.
  15. Looks good. Congrats.