Finally!! All My New Guccis Are With Me :) :) :)!!

  1. Ohhh I finally got my PEGGY!!!!!!! Now I have all of them!! :nuts:!! No more waiting for the UPS man!! hehe! I LOVE LOVE LOVE all my new purchases! These are all my FIRST Guccis!! I first started looking when I wanted a Gucci diaper bag! Now I got that, plus a wallet plus a purse...all 40% off! Yay!!

    Meet my new Peggy...aka, my new Diaper tote :smile:!!
    IMG_4212.JPG IMG_4217.JPG IMG_4220.JPG IMG_4221.JPG IMG_4226.JPG
  2. A lovely collection! Congrats!
  3. Congrats!!! I was looking at the Peggy this weekend. I was close to buying it. I really love that bag.
  4. lovely pieces, congrats.
  5. Wow! Gucci fraternal triplets! It's like a Gucci grand slam.. You got fabulous Gucci items at great prices. Congrats!
  6. yay! it IS very exciting. no more stalking the UPS man for his package. he he he. i think you have a wonderful starting collection.

  7. Can I ask you where you purchase them....they are awesome!
  8. Congratulations.
    great collection!
  10. Congratulations!!
  11. YAYAYAYAYAYAYA :party:
  12. Congrats!!!
  13. Lovely Gucci's!
  14. congratz!
  15. Congrats on your new purchase!! I got the peggy in brown leather trim during the sale too~ I want it in white but it was all sold out... :sad: You gotta love the shape of this bag~ :heart: