finally after the long wait, here's my celine box reveal

  1. Wow such an interesting color!!!! :nuts:
  2. DollyGirl it has a bit of purplish look on it, it's more of a red wine and i think plum is a suitable colour for it, it does looks more brownish red indoor with minimal light
  3. Does anyone know how long the waiting list can be for a Celine Mini luggage at HR ?
  4. Gorgeous----I looooooooove it!
  5. ^^^ thank you dears
  6. Resurrecting this thread because I was looking at the pics and wondering if the medium box design has been updated. I know they redesigned the strap clasps so they won't come undone, but it looks like they also made the new straps shorter. When I wear mine cross body it barely goes to my waist! Also, mine is calf leather but it is really stiff and boxy, I cannot see it softening up as much as those in the pics. Has the leather been made more stidd and the strap shorter, Paris it just me?