FINALLY!!!! After over a year of looking...

  1. I finally got my Cynthia Rowley bag!!!!:yahoo: I found the black one I've wanted FOREVER (& have had 2 posts about) in leather & a blue nylon one (love love love)!!! I'm SO excited!!! I sat at home for 5 hours waiting on the mail b/c I had to sign for them!!! I SO psyched!!!! Uploading pics isn't my thing, but here are the links to the eBay auctions which do have pics! After eons of searching, what were the odds of 2 being on eBay at the same time?!?!?:confused1: So, I just wanted to share....
  2. Great price on those and they look adorable. Congrats!
  3. ooh! you got some deals!!
  4. Congrats to you!!
  5. I have a bag by Cynthia Rowley and I love it! Congratulations on finally finding yours! When and where did you first notice this bag and decided you had to have it? I bet it's a good story, please share.
  6. It is a good story, if I say so myself! :p About 2 years ago a coworker/friend came to work with the black one. It caught my eye IMMEDIATELY! Well, she let me look in it & see how roomy it was & that just was all it took. I kept telling her how much I loved it(I'm sure I was annoying :graucho: ) & she said her sister had bought it for her a year or so before. Being the nosy person I am, I got details-she had bought it at Saks, they had several colors, etc...I felt SURE I could find one on eBay! HA! I started looking that evening & I was shocked to see how few Cynthia Rowley bags they had! It was probably a good 2 months before I saw 'my' bag on there, in yellow, in poor condition. I passed on it, obviously, b/c of the condition & b/c I really wanted black. Not long after that, I was at Off Fifth & saw a "baby girl" pink one & passed on that one (kicking myself) b/c again, I really wanted black. Well, as time went on, I couldn't find it & couldn't find it. I posted on here, checked any & all Marshalls, TJs, Loehmanns, Nordstrom Rack, Filene's Basements, Off Fifths that crossed my path. Every time I travelled & shopped I looked. I even called the boutique in NYC to see if they had any ideas. Nope, no help. So anyway, fast forward to now, about 2 months ago there was a black one on ebay & b/c I am so numerically challenged I miscalculated the military time & it got away from me.:cursing: I had been watching religiously since & they both popped up 2 weeks ago! I was SO excited when I won the auctions! The blue is going to be perfect for spring & l love the nylon! I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about that b/c all I had seen was leather. But its great, totally unique. I'm in a good mood just thinking about it!! I know they made a white one, & a pink one, & a yellow one....:graucho:
  7. Fantastic! I knew it would be.
  8. Thanks! Its a great day for me!:p
  9. Congrats, nice to know your search is finally over!
  10. Congrats!!!