Finally after lusting forever its here!!

  1. now the fun bit where you guess suffer!!! what could it be? :confused1: lol I hate it when you guys do this to me so ill continue to do it this arived today at my doorstep! (p.s. guys who know what it is dont spoil it make the others guess haha:supacool:)
  2. Hrmmm *scratches head*
  3. It's a bag I'm assuming...
  4. Oh NM, this is hard...clue?:graucho:
  5. Ok ill give you another pic! not that this one will help much but still lol and a clue: long strap(s)

  6. Damier Naviglio?:sweatdrop:
  7. even though that is a bag im am lusting over atm no sorry Lee im afraid you are incorrect
  8. Mmmm...Reporter?:sweatdrop: OK if I'm wrong again you have to tell me if it's bigger or smaller.
  9. wrong again lee it is smaller will post next clue soon
  10. :whistle: :popcorn: :P
  11. :hysteric: :hysteric: :hysteric: Show us!!! Tell us!!! ;) :lol:
  12. ok lol hee this is fun, now i understand why people do it and i greatly sympathise guys i know what its like well here goes nothing the 1st decent clue
  13. Ok I'm back from dinner, now I'm ready to continue guessing, haha
  14. It it something from the monogram line cause the strap is brown?
  15. CLUE: only about two other PF members that i know have it! (unless you guys are closet x bag carriers lol)