finally..after all these dream bag is here! =)

  1. thanks to a TPFer! after my damier dream bag belem PM...:heart:

    i hereby present my monogram dream bag...
    manhattan PM! :wlae:

    now i have to plan for my next dream bag..maybe from other lines!! :graucho::rolleyes:

    these pics were taken before baby im air drying my bag but there are some marks i can't take off..:confused1: the vachetta also seems darker!

    the interior is really clean! i'll do the wilson's leather treatment later...

    maybe i need the magic white eraser....i can't wait to take the bag out!

    congratulate me! :yahoo:

    CIMG1545.JPG CIMG1546.JPG
  2. oh so pretty congrats
  3. Yay! The Manhattan is gorgeous!
  4. Congrats! It is gorgeous!
  5. beautiful rensky congrats on your dream mono bag!
  6. The Manhattan is absolutely gorgeous.

    You can never go wrong with that beauty.

  7. Congrats the Manhattan is beautiful
  8. Yaaay, congrats!!
  9. Congrats on your mono dream bag, no more damier huh. I will take them and be the new damier princess. haha
  10. Congrats!!!
  11. Congrats! I'm thinking about making the Manhattan my next mono bag. It's beautiful :love:
  12. prettyyy! congrats!!
  13. after baby wipes and wilson's leather treatment..



    CIMG1547.JPG CIMG1549.JPG CIMG1550.JPG
  14. the vachetta does look darker after baby wipes.. :sad:
  15. will magic eraser work on this? the baby wipes didn't...