Finally, after a baby Jaune is here!!!

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  1. It's here ladies!!! I bought her a month ago and I just received her! :wlae: So worth the wait! The color is divine and the leather is very thick! Still getting used to the Day style though..the handle thing is a bit weird:shrugs:

    I got her while I was in the I placed her on a chair right across my table so I can stare at her the while day:drool:

    Here are some pics! Sorry bad lighting and I only used my phone to take these pics..;)




  2. Oh...... Its just GORGEOUS! Jaune is my all time favorite color!
    Beautiful bag, so perfect with the GSH!!!!!
    What a ray of sunshine :love:

    Congrat "T", your Jaune is one of the prettiest I have ever seen! Love how vibrant the colour is and the thick yummy leather!
    Yum yum! :drool:

    Enjoy in good health!

    Thanks for sharing!:yahoo:
  4. it's gorgeous! congrats mischka!
  5. aww congratulations!!
  6. So gorgeous, congrats!
  7. wow - your new day is gorgeous! What a great color!! Congrats!
  8. Congratulations - it makes me think I want a Jaune.....I love the Day style and think it is one of the most comfortable to wear. Hope you enjoy your beautiful bag!
  9. WOWZERS!! :nuts: Jaune is currently my HG color so I'm totally :drool: :drool:ing over your new Bbag!! Bet it was worth the wait! ;) Congrats!!
  10. Congrats, T! Gorgeous bag! :tup:
  11. It's my fave color! I love it with the GSH!

    Congrats , mischka!
  12. :woohoo:.....................:popcorn:GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. So warm and happy! Enjoy your new bag!!
  14. So GORGEOUS, CONGRATS!!! Do post modelling pictures soon.
  15. omg LOVE her!!! I want a jaune coin purse so bad! she's a beaut, and you'll fall in love w/the Day style I went from carrying cities to now Days. Enjoy!!