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  1. Hi! I apologise in advance for a quite long post! Lol

    So, I posted last month that I'm going to visit LV SG for stopover going to Manila from Australia. I went to LV Ion to check on 2 items. Then, I decided to buy 1.

    When I'm in Manila, I noticed that the bag had embossed circle on the rivet so I brought it to our local LV in Greenbelt. Luckily, they replaced it. But when I came home, I noticed again that the bag has a chip on the leather so I have to return it again for replacement. Whew! ( I did check the bag in the store, silly me I concentrated on the rivet part & didn't check the corners as well)

    When I'm about to exchange the bag for the 2nd time, all that was left in the store was the display stock & another 1 that has scratches on the metal & rivets! I decided I'm just going to wait another week for the next shipment. Then came another week, and still no luck.

    Finally.., last Friday I got the replacement I've been waiting for!!! Here she is....

    Thanks for letting me share this with all of you!!! c",)
    image-3115951881.jpg image-2597871009.jpg image-1253092002.jpg image-3426166176.jpg
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    I also have my speedy 30 heatstamped with me & my daughter's name ( DET )

    My name is Bernadette, while my daughter is Franscinne Jerrdett!!! c",)
    image-2180640965.jpg image-1972610331.jpg
  3. 30 & 35
  4. congrats!
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  9. Very pretty!!! Enjoy!
  10. very nice! congrats!
  11. Beautiful, congrats :smile:
  12. Beautiful!!
  13. Congrats!! I love your Speedys..
  14. nice - congrats!
  15. Gorgeous bags. Congrats!