Finally - a trip to Paris!

  1. My sister and brother in law have persuaded me and my husband to join them in Paris the first week of March. I know there have been threads and threads on this subject before, but can anyone kindly point me in the right direction for them? A good recommendation of a sales person would be much appreciated! Preferably one who will not laugh at my French speaking which is about at the level of a six year old. Also, I will be there Sat Sun and Monday. Which of Sat or Mon is best to go (I assume Monday?).
    We are only going for three days but there are four things I would like to do: (1) Go to the high Mass on Sunday at the Notre Dame Cathedral (2) Go to the Louvre (3) Go to the Hermes store (4) walk around the city and see the architecture.
    Yes I know, its scary that I put the Hermes store on the same list as the Cathedral and the Louvre.
  2. OOOOh, what fun you will have! Paris is my favorite city! I highly recommend the Rodin museum!
  3. LOL!!!! DH and I are going to Paris in july and he asked me to write down everything I wanted to do and see....and yes DAILY trips to Hermes is on my list!!!:shame:
  4. Welcome to the Bag Side, Jedi Master !!!!
  5. I have never been to paris but your itinerary sounds wonderful, especially the one going to the H store.. hehe...
  6. Oh, so much to little time!

    I enjoyed the Sacre Cour/Montmartre area. Not sure if it's still as charming as it used to be. We used to go every year for boat being part of a big traveling circus. REALLY fun!

    Here is something I found relating to a short time in Paris:
  7. I think Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and definitely one of my favorites.
    I highly recommend you to go to the Opera Garnier, which is an old opera, truly breath-taking especially if you go inside, which you really should do. From there take one of the most luxurious streets of Paris the Rue de la Paix and go straight to the Place Vendome, where id the famous Ritz Hotel, boutiques eith fine jewelry, and most famous designers shops and ateliers.
    If you don't have much time, you should definitely take Bateau Mouche- a small boats which take you for a cruise (starting from the Eiffel Tower) and show you all the most important monuments in the city.
    I go there quite often, because my family lives there, but everytime I leave I already miss the atmosphere and the beauty of this city.
    If you have any questions I'll be happy to help.
  8. ^^^^ Oh yes, it's still charming and the view is breath-taking.
  9. Jedi, how wonderful for you! You're going to have an amazing time!

    As for sales associate recommendations, I can highly recommend just about anyone at Hermes at 24, Faubourg, as they are an incredibly kind and charming bunch of people. Any of them should be able to help and they all speak perfect English so getting across exactly what you're looking for should be a snap.

    Happy planning!
  10. Lucky you going to Paris in the Spring. You must go up the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre is fabulous, & of course Hermes I would be in the LV Champs Elysses also & probably just about every other handbag shop in the City LOL enjoy!
  11. Lucky you... have a fab time and if you are looking for a great store apart from hermes try Bon Marche.. it really is great especially the food hall....