Finally a small list

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Which Wallet

  1. Suhali PTI

  2. Pomme d'Amour French Purse

  3. Pomme d'Amour Ludlow

  4. Denim Zippy Wallet

  5. Damier French Purse

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I have narrowed my wallet choices down to this:

    Suhali PTI
    Denim Zippy Wallet
    Pomme French Purse
    Pomme Ludlow
    Damier French Purse

    Which would be the best for a 17 yr. old guy?

    or any other suggestions?
  2. Denim Zippy, and 2nd choice, Suhali PTI...
  3. None of the above.
    What about the new damier wallet, dont recall the name starts witha B.. there are a few members here that have one.
  4. dont forget, LV is coming out with a Suhali Zippy wallet in the nezt past months, it think!! if you cant wait that long, then I would go for the Damier Brazza, the one the Bag Feitsh mentioned above.......
  5. I voted denim zippy! So cute for guys, esp. b/c you're 17. It just says carefree and fun to me.
  6. Denim Zippy
  7. Denim zippy is a great wallet...
  8. For a guy, I'd either get a black Suhali PTI or a Damier Brazza wallet. I can't really see any guys rocking any Vernis wallets... but then again, you are buying what you feel comfortable with and what you like. ;)
  9. I love the Ludlow - but it's pretty small compared to the others.
  10. Suhali PTI
  11. A black Suhali PTI would be gorgeous!
  12. suhali, omg those wallets are tdf! I suppose it depends if you like understated or full on LV! xx pics when you get it!
  13. Pomme d'Amour Ludlow:drool::tup:
  14. Suhali or Denim! i love both so i can't decide! hmmmmmm?
  15. OH S*** I didn't read the intro first!!! I meant to check Damier if it was for a guy!!!! ITA with John