Finally! A saturated Pale Magenta come see

  1. Finally after buying and returning about 5 magenta bags - a beautiful saturated Magenta Makeup! I'm in :heart:


    Different light

    And with my other accessories
  2. So gorgeous!! Makes me miss my twiggy at home in her box!! And I love your group photo - the colors all compliment each other so beautifully!
  3. love it! congrats :smile:
  4. Your new magenta makeup is beautiful!!!

    The one next to it, is that the 05 sky blue?? This is the first time I saw a faded balenciaga....
  5. So gorgeous~!
    Your collection is lovely!
  6. Super cute! Congrats!
  7. Congratulations! This is the first magenta makeup I've seen and it's fabulous!
  8. Pretty!!!

    The color does look very well applied :yes:

  9. Yes, 05 sky blue. It almost looks like 04 turq in person.
  10. Wow!
  11. I love it!! Great color. I might need to splurge one day and get one!
  12. Ooh, it's beautiful!
  13. How did you get the 05 sky blue to fade so wonderfully??? I love that the color of the lining just pops out!!
  14. Sooo cute... and an excellent combo of veiny-ness/wrinkles
  15. Congrats! It's be-u-ti-ful!