Finally! A Reveal!

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  1. Yay. Went to a Coach store today and went a bit nuts.

    Anyway, anyone up for a reveal at this time of day???

  2. Im here. It looks a tad green?
  3. I meant to say gray-green color? Sorry. Its getting late here. LOL
  4. I am up (barely) for a reveal! Let's go!

  5. It's actually grey!
    Any guesses yet? (sorry for the crap "hide" job)
  6. Patent Zoe?
  7. Yesireebob, but it's the small top handle one! I was too lazy to hide the other bag as well, so this reveals 2/4 items!


    In case you can't see, it's the Zoe capacity wristlet in CHocolate ($31USD), Zoe Patent Top Handle Pouch in Grey/Charcoal ($39) and a Coach script ring ($23USD).

    There' sstill one more item I paid full price for.
  8. I spy a Zoe!!:yahoo: Love it!!
  9. Very nice!! What's that ring I see there? I'm dying for that new snake ring!!

    I see the description now!
  10. It's the gold script ring. I wasn't able to take good photos again (I'll try again later~).
    It's the one with different fonts of Coach written all over.
  11. Oh. I would too also love to see ring pics. That gray is gorgeous too.
  12. I just looked it up, and it's really pretty! You got great deals!
  13. Oh wow you got good deals! That grey is just lovely :nuts:
  14. #14 Jan 25, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2009
    Anyway, the last item (since I guess we're all tired. Hahaha), is the madison mini wallet in Steel! Last one in the store in this colour~


    I'll definitely take more photos of the ring tomorrow if my camera decides to cooperate.

    Thanks for playing!!!
  15. ^^^^ That wallet is beautiful! How much did you steal her for if I may ask?