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  1. I have been working on a film in Vancouver for 3 weeks now and have 3 more weeks to go. It's freezing here and it rains or snows all the time. Canadians don't seem to have much of a sense of sarcasm or irony so most of the time when I'm speaking here I am just getting blank stares back. I work and sleep and don't get a chance to do much else.
    I have only eaten room service for weeks because there is no time for restaurants.

    Sounds miserable, yeah? Well, it was. Until...

    My boss's wife is visiting this week and asked me to go shopping with her today. So I got to leave the set and venture out. Yay. And then it happened. We were in Holt Renfrew and I turned - into - a - WALL - OF - BAL.

    I said to her, and I realized - this is so true - "whenever I see Balenciaga I feel like I have found home". I was so so so happy to be able to pick up and look at 20 or so bags! You can't even do that at BalNY! Barney's has most of theirs in glass cases and I hate to ask the people to bring them out. This store here has a few of them on leashes but most of them are just freely and happily sitting on shelves for you to touch and pick up and love.

    It was like seeing 20 of my children! I was so happy. Sigh.

    Now the big problem is, I saw 2 that I would love to buy. But they are more expensive here than in the US! Do I throw caution to the wind and buy them anyway, or deal with those snotty gals at BalNY and purchase them directly from their store if they have them?

    I kinda think I should just throw down the extra 200 or so for the ease and convenience of taking it home right then, and being able to hold it before I buy it.

    Not like I have to make this decision tonight as I don't have enough money to buy anything yet! :smile:

    Holt Renfrew, you made me like Vancouver!

    xoxo, K
  2. Good to hear you found a little piece of home, outside of home :smile: Just halfway more to go! Which 2 bags are you thinking of getting? If they're colors/styles in high demand, they may be snapped up quickly unless there is a way of calling BalNY and putting them on hold. (Sorry, I've never purchased from BalNY so I don't know what's possible and what's not.) I guess it depends how much you really want them. Are you crazier over one the other? Which would you be sorrier to let go? Maybe get the one you're crazy in love with, first, in person, when you can choose the leather and inspect the bag thoroughly. Good luck!
  3. Ahh, isn't the wall of Bbags just fantastic?! :graucho: It's nice to be able to see and touch them. Which 2 were you thinking of? You can put bags on hold for 48 hrs there...which could be an option case someone snatches them up (it's getting close to christmas!)
  4. you may try to call balny and ask for the two bags?if the two you love are esay to find you can buy them in us and use the difference of money for a 'found for you next bag'?
  5. LOL!! Happy to hear you're warming up to Canada, even if it is through Bal ;) I think the sarcasm and irony kicks in the more east you travel! ;) Must be the European influence! lol!!

    If the bags you are lusting over have thick chewy leather I say go for it. I've ended up spending an extra 200 dollars just to find the perfect leather on a bag, so if you can save yourself the time, I believe it's well worth it.

    Wishing you a more pleasant and fun remainder of your stay in Van! Worse case scenario you can treat yourself to daily Holts visits ;) BTW, if you like sushi, Vancouver is sushi paradise! Would make for a nice change from room service. Ask the Vancouverites you work with, they should be able to guide you to a yummy spot. Cheers!
  6. Glad you happened upon the wall of joy :love:to bring you out of your Vancouver blahs.

    But I have to say, your thread title surprised me. I've travelled the world over and have lived in some pretty nice places. And I think Vancouver is one of the most breathtaking, perfect cities on the planet. I love EVERYTHING about Vancouver. I'd move to Vancouver in a heartbeat. Maybe the weather is not ideal right now (trust may, it's far worse many other parts of the world!) and your work schedule hasn't allowed you time to explore Vancouver. It's a lovely city with lovely people. I rank it up there with San Francisco and Paris and Tokyo in how wonderful of a world-class city Vancouver is.

    Hope you find more opportunities to enjoy your time there. And yes, go for the bags you loved:tup:. You may not find them again!
  7. LOL!! Happy to hear you're warming up to Canada, even if it is through Bal ;) I think the sarcasm and irony kicks in the more east you travel! ;) Must be the European influence! lol!!

    Totally agree with EarthKeeper...sarcasm, humour and irony definitely pick-up as you move East....Vancouverites are too laid back to get it (wow...I'm waiting for the deluge of angry e-mails...RELAX...Vancouver is my favourite city in Canada and I love all you guys to death!!! :flowers:)

    Karen: agree with Sweetcakes...put the bags on ho-ho-hold for 48 hrs. By then your heartrate will have settled back down and you can make a rational decision. I agree that in the overall scheme of $1,000+bags, spending an extra $200.00 to get leather you've TOUCHED may be worth it. Make SURE you get refunded on your GST, though, as you cross back across the border. You'll have to get Holt's Custmer Service to fill out the form for you. You may (???) get your provincial tax back as well.

    Finally, if you want the names of some great restaurants that aren't standard hotel concierge issue...PM me.

    Good luck with your bag dilemma.
  8. Buy the bag you can see and touch. I have purchased both over the phone and in person, and in the future I plan to go w/the bags that take my breath away in person. Worth the tax, shipping, etc. to have the exact bag you fall in love with. Bals are all soooo different!
  9. karyn - I'm glad you're starting to enjoy Vancouver! I would love to see a wall of Bbags, the selection at our Holt's is pretty small. See any colors that stood out? And yes, I would buy the bags that I can see IRL ... I think it's worth the extra money to have the bag in hand to check for any flaws (it's such a pain to return things back to the US from Canada).
  10. I would throw done a little extra and purchase 1 bag. Its fun to get stuff while out of town, then you will always remember where that bag came from.
  11. wow, karyn, that just sounds like HEAVEN!!! i always feel so demanding at BalNY and Barneys feels so limited. now i want to visit a Holt Renfrew...

    i visited vancouver during the spring and thought it was so beautiful. but then, i was also told that i experienced a very rare, sunny weekend.
  12. Oh Karyn I'm sorry you haven't had the best experience in Vancouver so far. But I must say we have had a really beautiful fall with virtually no rain UNTIL these past few week... I swear lol :shrugs:

    But if you would like some info regarding where to go/eat/shop/party or what have you feel free to PM me, I'm a real Vancouverite :yes:

    Here's a little irony: ahhh I JUST went to Seattle yesterday to go buy my very first Bal from Barney's because there was no selection in Vancouver !!!! I haven't been to Holt Renfrew in a few weeks because of exams etc but I have never seen 20+ bags there :wtf: !!! Only about 3 or 4 !!! I'm shocked !! but also in a good way heh... on the bright side, at least I saved a few bucks :p
  13. I love Vancouver too -- my favorite restaurant anywhere (and DH and I are pretty serious foodies, so that's saying a lot) is there. Go treat yourself to dinner at Lumiere!

    It sounds like your negative experience has a lot more to do with too much work and too little chance to explore the city, though. I know how that goes -- I worked in consulting for years and traveled all over the place, and that's one big regret I had -- I didn't go out and explore as much on my own as I should have.

    But anyway, I think you should go for it if the actual bags you saw are nice. An extra $200 isn't much for a little boost while you're down. And if you get your tax back, I think that will be about 13%, so it may not actually amount to very much extra. I definitely say go for the immediate gratification and lift that you'll get!!
  14. I don't know what part of Van you reside in, but our side has been hit with nasty weather since September. ;)
  15. After reading Deco's post, I want to go to Vancouver asap! :nuts:

    Karyn, I agree that you should get the bag that you can see and touch. Maybe you won't be able to get both bags, but at least one can make you Bal happy, and it can be a fabulous souvenir so that you can remember the time you spent there!
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