Finally.. a place for my Coach...

  1. I was thinking today that I should use this cabinet better.. We have this TV cabinet in our room.. You might ask why the TV isnt in it.. but we bought a sleigh bed and couldn't see over the top to the TV anymore so we moved the TV to the Top of the cabinet ( yeah .. kinda ghetto, LOL!) But it's what we have for now... Don't worry.. it's all anchored to the wall.

    Anyway.. this cabinet was stuffed full of random :censor:. I just cleaned it out an decided to put all my purses in there!!!

    I am going to ask DH to put another shelf in so I can have 3 rows. The only things I don't have in there are the Baby bag and wristlet I am using right now and the stuff I have ready for eBay.. and a HUGE FURLA that had to stay in my Closet. I think maybe I should say.. If I can't fit it in my cabinet then I don't need it.. LOL!
    IMG_0678.JPG IMG_0681.JPG
  2. Very nice! I'd love to have a Coach Cabinet! :p
  3. What a Great idea! I have a cabinet similar to this (though not a TV cabinet) in my bedroom. We use it for pretty much nothing at the moment other than to pile "stuff" on...but I think I'm going to turn it into a purse motel too! Thanks for the inspiration!
  4. Eventually I am going to work on the bottom part of the cabinet.. it's full of random stuff too... maybe accessories and cute coach shopping bags can go in there??
  5. Ha! So clever! :tup: I likey
  6. What a great idea :smile:
  7. What a great way to use the space!

    I wish I had room to spare, but I don't. We live in a small apartment as it is (2 adults, 2 children, and 1 small dog) so mine are just kind of strewn about right now. Then again, I don't have any lovely dust bags for my bigger purses either (eBay and outlet purchases) but that would make storage easier.
  8. that is such a good idea!!
  9. That looks great and very organized.
    I did something similar before the holidays, I have a melamine storage cabinet in the basement that houses my "teacher stuff" and random junk. Well, I consolidated and moved and organized and now I have a great place to store all of my bags!! Hmmmm, maybe I'll take pics too!
  10. Very nice! That is an excellent idea!
  11. I really like that.. so cozy and organized!! I might do the same thing ;)
  12. Taralindsey, I did the exact same my Living Room! I have a TV cabinet and a media cabinet that just held a lot of junk so I decided to use them to store my Coach pieces!
  13. Ohh... niiiice! :tup:
  14. very cute! :tup: Love the hooks too!!! :yes:
  15. Oh, isn't it fun to go and see all your pieces all lined up nice and pretty?! I am a little embarassed to admit this, but I turned our spare bedroom closet into my "purse closet". It was just full of junk anyway, so it was a good reason to clean it out. I keep all my dressy clothes, dress coats, and my girls' dress coats and shoes in there, so it's not JUST a purse closet, but I love seeing all my things organized!