finally, a picture of my small LV collection

  1. hello there tpf members! i've been silently lurking the forum for a few months now. i got my first LV (mono speedy 30) last june and ever since then, i was hooked! here's a picture of the 'damage' i've done for a little less than 3 months! :yahoo:

    black epi lockit w/ tiffany twilly
    cerises pochette
    red groom wallet pochette
    black satin conte de fees pochette
    mini pomme agenda
    mono speedy 30 w/ pucci scarf

    i think i need a shoulder bag on a different line. either in damier or multicolore. any suggestions? the bags that come to mind are the damier neverfull or the black multicolore aurelia.
  2. Great Collection.
  3. i just had a thought... wouldn't a neverfull in the multicolore line be awesome?!?!
  4. :huh:Ooo I'm DROOLING over here!:drool: Love your Lockit!!! :heart:
  5. great collection
  6. nice collection! I love the look of your epi w/tiffany twilly
  7. Your collection may be small, but it's definitely nice!!
    I have the same Tiffany twilly....the only one that matches my silver miroir lockit!!
  8. Your collection is very pretty.
  9. Great collection!
  10. ;) Very pretty collection!!! Thanks for sharing!

    PS: I vote for a Damier piece. It's a nice understated, classic look, and all-weather since the handles aren't vachetta.
  11. I really like your epi locket...nice collection!
  12. Nice collection! How about a piece of azur!?
  13. I'm slowly but surely saving for my first LV (I haven't decided what yet)... if they made a multicolore neverfull, that'd definitely have to be the one!! :drool:
  14. Cool looking collection!

    I think you're in need of some white MC!!!
  15. i love the groom, cerise pochette, pomme agenda and speedy together. what a great combo. i think you should add a damier piece, it will go well with your collection.