Finally a picture of my Carly Demi!!!

  1. I had a ton more pictures than this but for some reason none of them showed up on the roll of film I had developed. I had to use a crappy disposable camera. But at least you can see the size of the demi. :p

  2. It's about time, woman! I's GORGEOUS!! I can't bleive how big they are compared to what I thought!
  3. I was really curious on how big it was. Thanks for posting !!! :biggrin:
  4. Hey that's nice and even bigger than I thought it was. Congrats
  5. BEAUTIFUL! i love it
  6. Hey - that looks like MY demi! Great choice!! :yes:
  7. YUMMY!!!! It looks fabulous!!
  8. Wow, it's so pretty!
  9. Love it!
  10. Don't you love it?! I just got one in chocolate and adore it!
  11. Very cute!!!!
  12. I DO love it!! I was really worried about it being too small but once I got it I just fell completely in love with it. There was no way I would return it, even if it WAS too small. Thankfully it fits everything I need, and a little more if I have to.

    I had a few pictures with it filled and another of my Watercolor wristlet and optic mini skinny (my small collection..I'm a new at the whole Coach thing), but of course something happened and they didn't even show up in the roll of film.

    The color IRL is gorgeous though and I'm so glad I got the bag. Carly = :heart:

  13. I know, it's really not too small at all! Perfect size if you don't carry much. The medium would have been way too big for me. I've heard the wristlets are a bit on the larger side too...I think you definitely get more for your money!
  14. SO pretty!
  15. That is such a gorgeous bag on you. I wish I had your arms and figure-then I could wear one too. If I tried one now it would look like I had a wallet lodged in my armpit. LOL Enjoy-it looks fabulous!