Finally, A Pic of My Jimmy Choo Family.....

  1. Unfortunately, not the best pic, as it was taken with my cell camera. DH left with the digital camera, and it was my golden opportunity to take them out and play without hysterics.....
    09-16-07_0921[1] (2).jpg
  2. Oooh! I LOVE your Ring bags! :heart: I've seen Robyn's and Samantha's as well (they have the burgundy) and it's such a cool looking bag!

    Fantastic collection! :tup:
  3. The Nude Ring bag....oh my goodness! I was hoping to see your picture and not love it, but that did not happen. Dang it. Such a beautiful family you've got there!
  4. Equalizer, amazing bags! Why oh why did you have to post a picture of your nude Ring bag?? It is gorgeous! I like that your two black JCs have different hardware.
  5. Thank you all for your wonderful remarks. I love them all the most out of all the bags I have, and I have Gustto, Chloe, Dior, Marc Jacobs & Zac Posen. I am so sorry the picture is so bad. I will try to get the good camera from the DH and post better pictures. Samantha, I didn't even realize that the hardware was different on both black bags. Thanks for bringing that up! Great observation. Wish I was around when the Burgundy Ring bag that you have was up for purchase.

    Anyway, have a great rest of your day everyone, and thanks again!!!
  6. Thanks Equalizer for posting your pics! I really like your plum Malena. And the Ring bags...hmmmm I do not have one of those :drool:
  7. Awesome collection!
  8. Great Choo family - thanks for posting
  9. Woooow, love every single piece of your collection. Gorgeous :love:
  10. They are BEAUTIFUL !!! :heart:

    I love the Malenas!!! Are they the same size? The plum looks a little smaller then the black.
  11. Thanks again everyone! Gris, the Malenas are both the medium size. I heard that the large size is very big. The medium is a great size.....
  12. What a Gorgeous collection Equalizer:nuts:
    I love them all, but especially the Liquid Patent Malena:drool:
  13. Awesome collection - I was looking at the black malena today - it is beautiful!
  14. Ive NEVER seen ring bags before! how could this be. Amazing collection though! Love the colors you've selected, perfect range. :tup: