Finally- a pic of me and my spy bags!

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  1. Hello all-
    I finally have a pic that I can share with you! I'm so excited! All of the photos I took at home were too big to post here, and I wasn't sure how to reconfigure them. This is a shot from my latest dance photo shoot. I had to sneak a shot in with my bags! I'm holding my crown jewel. The cognac one probably feels a bit neglected. Anyway, here it is! Thanks!

    *Sorry, this is also posted elsewhere. But I wanted to share with you Fendi lovers.

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  2. oh neat photo! Thanks for sharing!
  3. That is so cool!
  4. Lovely! When I first glanced really really quickly, you reminded me of Sarah Jessica Parker, thanks for sharing! Which spy is that you're holding?
  5. ^^I completely agree - I thought it looked like SJP - that is such a great photo!
  6. That is a beautiful picture. Yes, agree....looks SJP.
  7. :yes: I thought it was SJP at first too. Had to take a double take. Lovely picture and lovely collection.
  8. Cool picture and lovely collection.
  9. how is the spy bag working out for you? i cant decide what to get? gucci horsebite tote or the fendi spy bag? HELP!!
  10. Thanks everyone! I wanted to share it with you because I knew the PF community would appreciate it. I am holding my hologram spy, and my cognac spy is off to the left.

    Farah01: I love the spy, but I have some major gripes about its quality. I don't know anything about Gucci except that I think it's cheaper, so I might go for that based on price. Spy wins my vote for style, though.
  11. Fabulous photo!! Very glamourous, thanks for posting!;)
  12. Cute pic!!!
  13. Thanks!
  14. lovely picture. thanks for posting.
  15. what a great pic, thanks 4 sharing!