Finally, a new camera, new bags (kinda) and new pics!!!

  1. So I finally got a camera and was able to take pics of my collection:

    Here they are:
    From Coach Boutiqe in Rochester, NY
    COACH SOHO SIGNATURE MINI SKINNY $38 (on website but I think i paid $48 in store)

    From Niagara Falls Outlet
    Black Mini Signature Clutch Wallet $99.00
    Large Soho Signature Tote (not sure of exact name--anyone know?) $287.20
    Multi. Coach Pave Charm Keychain $24.00
    coach2.jpg PHOT0014.jpg
  2. Great collection!
  3. great classics!

  4. I love everything!!
  5. Thanks. I am planning on adding the large cotton carly and some accsessories to that soon!
  6. love your collection. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Very nice collection- thanks for sharing
  8. I used to live in Gates Chili near Rochacha (Rochester)...miss it a little :crybaby:
  9. Nice! Enjoy that new Carly, they're awesome!
  10. OMG! I want that black tote!! Does anyone know the exact name or # for it?? Thanks!

    Nice collection, BTW!!
  11. Gorgeous!!!!!! I am really becoming addicted!