FINALLY! A New BIG Reveal!!!


Nov 29, 2009
West Egg
I've loved this bag since it came out. It's stunning, functional and just absolutely amazing! After finalizing my special order (a gold Birkin 35 GHW, and a black box Kelly 25 PHW) back in January I advised the manager/owner of the store that I was looking for a messenger bag. I'm not a huge fan of the Evelyne. She pointed out an olive Jypsiere. I wasn't so sure about the color but she took it out and I tried it on. She pointed out that it is truly an all year round color. I can wear it with almost every color in the rainbow and it goes beautifully with the basics, white and black i.e. summer and winter. I tried putting all of my things in it and everything I need day-to-day fit beautifully. I told them I couldn't purchase it that moment but I'll come back for it. Fast forward to the beginning of March. I called the H shop and said I was ready to purchase but I'd be traveling and working and couldn't come in just yet. They said they could hold it until the end of the month. Well...I FINALLY had time to pick it up. Here is my big reveal!!!! :yahoo: