Finally a member of the Chanel club

  1. Hi, I am normally an LV enthusiast but it seems I have what I want from them and now Chanel is gaining my interest. With impending price increases, dh said okay to getting my first Chanel this weekend. So together we walked into the Chanel boutique for the first time. DH wandered around on his own and walked back to me with sticker shock. He asked to see the green alligator bag and had no idea it would be around $30,000, lol.

    With the help of a really nice SA, I decided on the black caviar PST wth gold harware. I liked the E/W bags too however between the two, I would get the most use off of the PST. I was still a little unsure so I held off on the purchase and we headed to LV but to my surprise, absolutely nothing in there excited me so we walked back to Chanel and decided to go for it. DH told the SA to wrap it up. I was so happy with the PST but something small had caught my attention and I couldn't get my mind off it so dh and I went back the next day. It was the pink Camelia card case and it is just so cute. I wanted the matching wallet also but they did not get them in yet so they put me on the waiting list. I am so happy to have gotten my first two pieces of Chanel, and best of all, they were both dh approved.
    ch1.jpg ch2.jpg ch3.jpg
  2. Congratulations on your first Chanels! They're beautiful!!!
  3. Very very nice! And I love the card case too, the color is so pretty.
  4. Congrats on both, the card holder is really cute in pink.
  5. great picks, congrats!
  6. congrats! great choice
  7. Congrats! The pink cardholder is so cute! Hope you are able to get the matching wallet.
  8. Thanks, I love both items.
  9. Welcome! and congrats on your bag and cute c/c case!
  10. congrats!
  11. Congrats on your new purchases!! Great Choices!
  12. Congrats, and welcome to Chanel! May it be the first of many. Love your PST and the pink card case is so cute.:heart:
  13. Thanks, I hope this is only the start.
  14. congrats on the pst, great choice and that card case is to cute. I want one.
  15. Your Chanel choices are both beautiful, congrats. =)