Finally a Member!/ Introducing myself

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  1. Hi, Emily. Welcome to tpf!
  2. I didn't get my first LV until I was 19 either.

    Oh and welcome! :yahoo:
  3. Hi Emily! Welcome To The Wonderful World Of TPF!:smile: I Am Sure You Will Enjoy The Site & All Of The Useful & Helpful Info One Can Find On Here! I Know I Have.:P Enjoy! & I Hope Your Dad Is Able To Find & Get Everything You Wanted From Europe! Can't Wait To See Your Very First LV's!:flowers:
  4. :welcome2:

    Those are very good choices! Please post pics of those items as soon as you get them!! :graucho:
  5. Welcome Emily, When you visit the Louie store you will start making a wish list. But Christmas is just around the corner
  6. Welcome Emily! I can assure you that tpf is good for your wardrobe but not so good on the wallet heh
  7. Welcome to tpf and congrats on being so disciplined saving! It can be really tough but so worth it in the end.
  8. Hi, Emily! Welcome to TPF :smile:
  9. Welcome Emily! Fellow Aussie student here; ever need help just PM me!
  10. Hi Emily,
    welcome to TPF....congratulations on saving your money for your first pieces :happydance: You will be hooked as soon as you open that beautiful brown box.
    can't wait to see the pics.
  11. Congrats and welcome to tPF! =]

  12. Definitely! =]
  13. Welcome EmilyEmergency! You will LVoe your Vuitton pieces, they are the best made items. Welcome to tPF!
  14. welcome! I'm new here too!

    Hoping to see a reveal soon!:smile:
  15. Congrats on your 1st purchases...and Welcome!