Finally~ A Mandy!!!!!!

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  1. :yahoo:After all this time, I finally gave in and got my Mandy! What an incredible bag this is!!!

    Here she is, all dressed up for Halloween!
  2. awww congrats! it s super cute!:yes:
  3. Congrats!Is adorable :tup:
  4. Congratulations Grace! I finally got myself a black leather Mandy a couple of months ago, after wanting one for sooo long. You did a good thing!!:tup:
  5. Love that Mandy! The charm and scarf are really adorable! I hope you get to use it all the time!
  6. I have a black all leather Mandy that I love as well! Congrats on your lovely bag!
  7. That is a great bag - and I love the "costume"!! Enjoy it!
  8. Hooray! She looks so pretty all dressed up! My boyfriend just got me one, too, and I love it! Mine is black and I so wish I could find a skull fob to go with it!
    Congrats on your pretty new Mandy!
  9. I love it with the skull! I too have a black Mandy the I :heart: soo much. It actually is my everyday bag. I want that skull sooo bad!
  10. Love it!:tup:
  11. Beautiful bag......congrats!!
  12. Congrats! I have a Mandy in whiskey and it's a great bag!!

    Love your avatar!! One of my favorite movies!
  13. congrats! i've have a black leather mandy and i love it! enjoy it!
  14. congrats! that is a great looking bag. have to say that im jealous haha
  15. Congrats, it's gorgeous and I LOVE the way you dressed it up..very cute!