Finally a group pic of my collection!

  1. I know ya'll have been patiently here goes.... :yahoo:
    My Collection 002.JPG
  2. Wow! That's one big happy family over there! You haven't use your patent cabas???
  3. And the 10th on not included in the group pic is my little rabbit fur... :yes:
  4. great collection...what is the black bag w/ gold hareware on the top left, is that a GST?or something else
  5. OH.....MY.....GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!! :nuts: :drool: I am dying!!!!

    Absolutely STUNNING!

    Question: tell me about your white bag in the that the modern chain bag (i'm still fairly new to Chanel!)....Do you wear it often? Tell me more please!!! :yes:

  6. I havent had a chance to use them all yet...I use the GST with silver hardware the most :yes:
  7. impressive!
  8. yes, that is the modern chain tote in white...I actually got that one from Mon!! Its one of my favs :yahoo:
  9. :wtf: You haven't use them all yet?! Try to use them already! They are such wonderful treasures!
  10. OMG do you have 3 GSTs??
  11. Yes the one of the top left is the GST with goldware. And then its the soft leather one I dont know the name of. I got it from NM for about $3500 I think. Does anyone know the name of it? Its got silver chains.
  12. OMG beautiful!
  13. WOW! What eye candy :yahoo: BEAUTIFUL bags!
  14. That is one beautiful GST! I feel really awful because I wanted a GST for my workbag but unfortunately, they don't have it here in Hong Kong!! I wanted the same as yours, Black, White and the Flesh!
  15. I keep looking at your picture! I am IN LOVE!

    Do you have any modeling pics with your white modern chain???? :rolleyes: