FINALLY a few photos of my ivory Muse

  1. I know I said I'd post these forever ago, but a fake post convinced me to do so. I hope these help you regarding the fake... and I also hope you guys like my baby. Please don't judge the photo quality too harshly. I took them with my crappy RAZR phone just b/c the upload is so easy. I'll try to take a few others at some point.

    Just for reference, this bag was purchased last year and it is still in immaculate condition. :yahoo:



  2. PS I don't know how to watermark pictures so if someone could help, that would be great. I don't want some jerk using these on eBay!
  3. congrats!!

    you can use irfanview to watermark the pics.
  4. oo wow. Nice buy ;) haha the photo quailty isn't too bad =P pretty good for a phone to me.
  5. Gorgeous - still looks so clean! what size is that if I may ask?
  6. Geougeous bag!
  7. Beautiful!!! Congrats!!
  8. I believe it is the large. The original cost was $1195 if I am not mistaken (Im sure I can find the tag somewhere...) and as I said, it was purchased last year. I know the price has gone up since I purchased mine. I love it!

    It is very clean. I think that the Muse is one of the best/easiest bags I've owned as far as upkeep goes.
  9. Gorgeous! this bag, it's a classic. Congrats & enjoy. =)
  10. What do you do to keep it looking so gorgeous?
  11. Great bag. Love it!
  12. I do keep a leather cleaner on hand (the one from the Coach boutique is the one I like) and basically, I don't put it on the ground or take it out in heavy rain. I generally don't touch it with lotion on my hands, but I do that with almost all of my bags. I've actually found the upkeep on this to be fairly easy compared to some of the other ivory/light colored bags I've owned. :yes:
  13. Wow ! Gorgeous bag. Congrats !
  14. She's lovely- congrats!
  15. i have the same one. i lurrrrrrrrrrrrrrveeeeeeee it! good taste! :yahoo: what can i say? ur fab!!!