Finally - A FEMALE shoe designer!

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  1. These are by Sarah Valentini - arent they gorgeous!

    Just shows it takes a female designer to know what a female really wants in a pair of heels!

    Sorry the pic is not so good - my g/f took it with her cell phone - LOL
    Andreas Valentinis.jpg
  2. they ARE gorgeous! where did you get them?!?!? they're just beautiful!
  3. Love Them!!!!!!
  4. Oh yes I LOVE Sarah Valentini pumps. I have several pair including these -

    HOT and Comfy - what else could a girl ask for?
    Priscillas Valentinis.jpg
  5. they look painful.
  6. Not at all - they really are VERY comfy considering the pointy toe and high heel.
  7. Just another pointy toe stiletto (that looks far from comfy). I'm not impressed. :shrugs:
  8. What about Jimmy Choo?? Female designer!!
  9. It looks like all the other pointy-toe, high-heel shoes out there that I can't wear.
  10. Jimmy Choo is a female designer? Neat. The shoes are nice, though a little too pointy toed for me.
  11. Beautiful, I love the pointy toe and the stiletto heel look! I would probably have to order up a size though...
  12. No ! Jimmy Choo is a guy, the actual designer behind the Choo shoes is a woman.
  13. :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: that is what my feet would do in those babies.
  14. You sound kind of discouraged. I think you could find a pointy toe high heel shoe that would work for you in you look around a little. Have you tried the Carrie from Guess?
  15. ^^^Back injury 8 years ago. Only comfy, flat shoes for me. :sad: